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Savings Calculator

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Savings calc

Savings Calculator

Find out how much you could saving in heating and coolings costs by installing a geothermal unit. Click here to start the process.

Warranty Protection

To give you peace of mind

5 year warranty

Protection for your Investment

High quality products should have a warranty that reflects confidence in design and construction. Read more about this amazing warranty and the other things we include to help give you more peace of mind when choosing the TETCO geothermal heat pump.

Geothermal Tax Credits

It's even more affordable than you think

Tax credit

Save even more when you install a TETCO geothermal system

Click here to learn how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allows for a 30% tax credit with ENERGY STAR® qualified geothermal heat pumps. Other programs exist through agencies and utilities to help put money back in your pocket.